Petting Zoo Events

Standard Rates

Please see the Terms and Conditions Page for more information

Standard Event Set-Ups

All of our animals are very friendly and interact well with children. We’ll bring the animals to your location, set up a shelter (if needed) and fencing, and invite the kids in to visit with the animals! Of course, we will happily customize a farm to your liking. Just let us know and we will create something special for your event.

Small Event Petting Zoo

(small private parties, recommended for 15 people or less)​

Our smaller size petting zoo features a variety of child-friendly critters, including a mini chipmunk pig, mini sheep, mini goats, exotic/ornamental chickens, and bunnies*. You can add one of our larger mini animals for an additional flat $50. Your choices would include mini horse, mini donkey, mini cow, or alpaca. You can also add pony/unicorn rides for $150/hr.

Standard rate for a small petting zoo: $450 for first hour and $150 for each additional hour.

Large Event Petting Zoo

(large parties, recommended 15-30 people)

Our larger size petting zoo is available for a minimum of two hours. It features all of the animals in the small zoo, but more of them, and your choice of two of our larger mini animals – mini horse, mini cow, mini donkey, or alpaca. The larger animals are less “squoosh-able,” but are still interesting to look at, touch, and talk about.

Standard rate for a large petting zoo: $595 for the first two hours and $175 for each additional hour.

Festival Petting Zoo

(vendor fairs, festivals, lots of people)

Our biggest petting zoo available features all of the animals in both the small and large zoos. There’s a lot of variables to discuss with the festival size, so please contact us for a free quote.

Custom Event Petting Zoo

We are happy to customize packages to meet your needs whenever possible. Cost varies depending on the location, the number of animals, and length of the event.
We will happily provide you with a free quote if you give us a call.

Fundraising and Vendor Options

The large petting zoo can also be booked for a flat fee and used to fundraise by charging an entry fee. We are also open to participating in your event as a vendor and charging our own entry fee.​
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