Terms and Conditions


A minimum deposit of $150.00 is required with every booking.

If you need to cancel the event, the deposit may be applied to a future event.


After paying the deposit, the balance due must be paid with cash upon arrival.

Credit card payments are accepted with a 3% fee and must be paid one week prior to your event.


We are a rain-or-shine petting zoo.

If you wish to reschedule the event due to inclement weather, please give us a call.

If you wish to reschedule on the day of the event, you must call us by 7:00 am.

Any time after that would require the engagement of staff at Funny Farm so we would not be able to reschedule.

Funny Farm Requirements

1.  The size of the area we need depends on what animals we bring with us. The smallest area would be 8 feet by 16 feet – enough to accommodate one of our corrals. Larger corrals are available and can be discussed at time of booking.
2. If we will not have access to fresh water on site, please let us know when making your reservation so that we can bring our own.

3. It is also very helpful if there is a shaded area so that the animals are not in full sun, although we will bring our own cover if necessary.

4. We prefer to set up our corrals on a grassy area, that is free of plants that are toxic to our animals. This includes oleander, azaleas and rhododendrons. Also please ensure that the area has not been treated with weedkillers, fertilizers or pesticides in the previous 2 weeks.

If grass will not be available, please let us know at the time of booking so that we can make suitable arrangements. 

5. We are responsible for the removal and disposal of any and all wastes created by the animals.

6. We will arrive at your event approximately thirty minutes prior to the scheduled time to set-up.


1. Let’s all be respectful. Please no running, shouting, crying, kicking or biting. This goes for the children and animals alike.

2. All of the animals are very well taken care of and are not in need of any extra food or treats. Please do not feed the animals. Our guys are happy to get the attention. Besides, piggy is on a diet!

3. Although our animals are used to a lot of different noises, please place any loud games that would include things like balloon popping, ball throwing, of use of bats or sticks away from the farm area. We don’t want anyone to get an eye poked out! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

4. Dogs are prohibited in and around the farm animal area.

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